A Posterist's Biography

Jean-Pierre Got was born in 1951 in Bergerac, in Southwest France. A commercial wine exporter by trade Jean-Pierre began designing posters in 1992 with his first commission from a Bordeaux wine negotiant house celebrating its 100th anniversary. Other poster commissions followed with requests for designs in the Belle Epoque and Art Deco styles.

  Posterist’s desk

Jean-Pierre Got’s portfolio of work ranges from high-spirited, joyful subject matter to more tender, heart-warming portrayals. The underlying theme throughout all his designs is one of joie de vivre. His commercial posters give the products themselves the image of a by-gone era and evoke in the viewer a reassuring nostalgia. “Through my designs I wish to pay homage to the great French posterists who invented the art more than one hundred years ago”, Got explains.

He has received numerous commissions from vintners and restaurateurs from various countries. Always in a limited edition of 500 signed and numbered prints, the creations of this “artist for pleasure” are printed in Bordeaux, a city where the strong ancient tradition of commercial poster production still lives on.

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France : 7, rue de Bruges, 33000 Bordeaux - Ph. : (0033 / 0) 9 50 97 17 29 - Contact